• Be Prepared

    Be Prepared

    DDA graduates leave with a better understanding of their vehicle, and the knowledge of how to avoid potential collisions.

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  • 30+ Years of Experience Welcome to DDA
  • Welcome to DDA

    Defensive Driving Academy curriculum was derived from the car-control techniques that are taught at Danny McKeever's FAST LANE. Combining over 30 years experience in the driver training industry. We continue to research and study the art of driving to provide superior training to our clients.

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At Risk

At Risk

Statistics are stacked up against a new teen driver. Learn how to arm them with the proper skills to be prepared in any situation.
Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning

Translates to positive results... Defensive Driving Academy can positively impact new and seasoned drivers.


We all know it’s dangerous to use a cell phone behind the wheel. But many drivers, especially teens, still play the odds. WHY?

Our Curriculum Provides

Proven Results

70% of new drivers fail the driver's license test the first time - Our DDA Coaches know exactly why. The Defensive Driving Academy curriculum has been tested and perfected over the years.

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Automobile collisions are the leading cause of death among teenagers.

The absence of advanced techniques and coaching, results in bad habits becoming ingrained. Defensive Driving Academy is dedicated to making a difference behind the wheel. Learn to protect what matters most.

Danny Mckeever
Founder of DDA