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DDA Partners with Go Green Auto Rally

DDA Partners with Go Green Auto Rally

As the Official Drive Team of the Go Green Auto Rally (GGAR), Defensive Driving Academy was instrumental in developing and testing the techniques used for their Green Certification. The GGAR Application (by Nomadic Solutions) is a useful iPhone app that can help you increase fuel mileage and improve your driving skills (safety) all while contributing to a cleaner environment (sustainability). This application monitors and records driving data using GPS to calculate and compare your savings. DRIVE GREEN BECAUSE YOU CAN...

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Learn How you can Save

Learn How you can Save

The Defensive Driving Academy is certified in green driving and can provide training programs to ensure your company is contributing. It is clear that there is a global trend to become Greener. Individuals, local government, and corporations recognize that we all play a role and have a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment and make the transition to a Greener lifestyle. Everyone can actively seek ways to reduce waste, use energy more efficiently, and operate in a sustainable fashion. Improving the quality of the air we breathe has become a top priority in the USA and around the world.

Simply put, driving green is an easy and intelligent solution. It is the art of adapting your driving style to significantly reduce your fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and drive safer all while enjoying the basic pleasures of driving. You and your company can educate your employees on how to transition to Green urban mobility, regardless of the vehicles they drive, you will also reap financial benefits at the fuel pump.

Case studies have shown where fuel economy improved by a minimum of a 10% and in some cases up to 18% by incorporating these green principles. Defensive Driving Academy was on the ground floor of this cutting-edge and socially responsible technology, first with the EcoGyzer and then with the App. For the iphone, both developed by Nomadic Solutions.



A Green driver is a SMART driver not a SLOW driver.
  • Easy, fun, high-tech, lifestyle choice, opportunities for social networking. Learn the concept of Green Speed.
  • Real savings. Proven savings.
  • Sizable emission reductions of up to one ton per driver every year.
  • Contributions from the Motor Sports community help establish coaching credibility.
  • Racing driver expertise as instructor fits well. Many correlations with professional driving skills - anticipation, concentration, finesse, etc. The big difference is that Green drivers use the best practices on the open road within the framework of current traffic laws. Improvements are on-going and a great contribution from the motor racing industry to support sustainability.
  • Education is combined with intuitive driving and scientific measurements.
  • Endorsements from Race Teams and Racing Organizations.
  • A reliable and sustainable program with robust results.

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