Fleet Vehicles

With nearly twenty years of specialized vehicle training, Defensive Driving Academy can provide you with the highest quality driver training program to support your fleet management. DDA works directly with you to assess your Company's specific needs and develop a program targeted to meet, and exceed those needs. Our programs provide efficient and practical behind-the-wheel training to help reduce liability, improve driver safety records, improve fuel economy, and reduce maintenance costs.


Reduce Maintenance


A Defensive Driving Academy program can serve two major purposes, first and foremost is driver education and safety, the second is team building. DDA can implement various team building activities to promote a sense of cohesiveness.
Nothing compares to behind-the-wheel interactive driver training. No book, movie, or computer screen allows a driver to feel the weight transfer of their vehicle or the feeling of ABS under their foot. Our capabilities and versatility are wide ranging, so let us show you what we can do for you.

*Often times our DDA course can be held right in your company's own parking lot.

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