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What is Defensive Driving?

What is Defensive Driving?

At DDA, we say to drive "defensively" is to drive AWARE & PREPARED.

It's about knowing the proper road position, elevating your vision and awareness, and being prepared for the "what-ifs" out on the highway. It's about having a better understanding of the vehicle you are driving so as a driver you are prepared to handle potentially dangerous situations and maintain full control. It's about going through the emotions of precarious situtations in a safe environment, so if you get it wrong, you can do it again.

ARM YOURSELF... with knowledge, patience & a positive attitude

Parents, buckle up... your 'baby' is getting behind-the-wheel to drive you around. And, that's okay. It's an important milestone in all teenagers lives (surely, you remember yours). Driving represents freedom, independence, and is the key to the door of the next chapter in their life. That said, your teens need you now more than ever. Not only does DDA recommend that you stay heavily involved, studies show that when parents stay involved, they contribute greatly to the success of their teen driver.
For instance, when your teen has their permit, let them drive as much as possible. Really, as MUCH as possible. This will be the only time where they are forced to be with you in the car, so make good use of that time. See our coaching tips for more information about setting your teen up for success behind-the-wheel.

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