Teen Drivers

Attention Teen Drivers

We get it, there are a gazillion places you'd rather be than in another driving course. We get it, you've passed your driver's test, you are a responsible person, you are a good driver, so what gives? Why do you have to give up your day to go to another boring class?

ONE REASON....YOUR parents care, WE care, and YOU should care too!

As long-time educators in the automotive industry, we take complete offense to the fact that vehicle collisions are still the leading cause of death in teens ages 16 - 19. As with anything in life, in order to do something well it takes practice and repetition. If you were to skid out on the freeway, chances are good that panic would take over and you could overreact and completely do the wrong thing. At DDA, you get to drive and experience situations like this, so you are prepared. Many of our defensive driving graduates acknowledge that going through the emotions of certain situations that could happen on the road and learning the proper techniques in a controlled and safe environment was life changing.


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We know your parents sometimes have a funny way of showing you they care, they are even downright annoying at times, but really they just want to see you walk through that door every time you leave the house and get behind-the-wheel.

Check out what our teen clients say:
"It completely changed what I thought I would do if I was in a skid in the water."
"I like the exercise where you swerve back and forth, it helped me figure out how wide my car was."
"Thought is was going to be sooooo boring, but you get to do a lot of driving in ways you never have."
"The lane changing exercise was great cuz it taught me to be quick with my decisions."
"I wouldn’t have known what my cars stopping distance was if it weren’t for the ABS test."
"This class helped me learn more about my car and let me feel more comfortable in it."

"Don't let auto collisions be the leading cause of death among teens any more...TAKE control. You are smart and informed and you can be the GENERATION that breaks the chain."

Danny Mckeever

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